Canonical has released its real-time Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Linux platform, intended to offer end-to-end security and reliability for time-bound workloads.

Unveiled February 14 and positioned for use in applications in telecom, aerospace, defense, and the public sector, Version 22.04 provides deterministic responses to real-time events and looks to minimize response time guarantees within a specified deadline. Based on Version 5.15 of the Linux kernel, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS integrates the out-of-tree PREEMPT_RT patch set for Arm and x86 architectures. This patch set reduces kernel latencies to ensure predictable task execution. Canonical said PREEMP_RT makes the kernel more preemptive than mainline Linux. Real-time Ubuntu is intended to offer performance, low latency, and security for telco infrastructure, with the kernel designed to meet telco transformation needs for 5G.

The real-time kernel is available across Ubuntu OS variants. Two deployment options are available:

  • Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS with the real-time kernel is available via an Ubuntu Pro subscription. This release offers cloud images for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform; support for OpenSSL cryptography and secure communication; network acceleration improvements; and general support for GlusterFS, FRRouting, and realmd/adcli.
  • Ubuntu Core 22 with the real-time kernel is available for enterprise customers with an app store. Ubuntu Core is a containerized Ubuntu variant geared for edge devices. Canonical will maintain Ubuntu Core with the real-time kernel for the long term.

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