To write a C program to illustrate any five string functions.


Step 1: Start the program.

Step 2: Read the string str1 and choice.

Step 3: If choice is 1

Print length of str1 using strlen()

      If choice is 2

Print reverse of  str1 using strrev()

      If choice is 3

Get another string str2

Compare str1 and str2 using strcmp()

      If choice is 4

Copy the first half of str1 to another str2 using strcpy()

Print str2

      If choice is 5

Get another string str2

Concatenate str1 and str2 using strcat()

Step 4: Stop the program.


void main()
{ char str1[10],str2[10],original[10]; int choice,half; clrscr(); printf("n Enter the string:"); scanf("%s",&str1); strcpy(original,str1); printf("n MENU"); printf("n 1. String Length"); printf("n 2. String Reverse"); printf("n 3. String Compare"); printf("n 4. String Copy"); printf("n 5. String Concate"); printf("n 6. Exit"); while(1) { strcpy(str1,original); printf("n Enter your choice:"); scanf("%d",&choice); switch(choice) { case 1: printf(" Length of %s is %d ",str1,strlen(str1)); break; case 2: printf(" Reverse of %s is %s",original,strrev(str1)); break; case 3: printf(" Enter another string for comparison:"); scanf("%s",&str2); if(strcmp(str1,str2)==0) printf(" Strings are equal"); else printf(" Strings are not same"); break; case 4: half=strlen(str1)/2; strncpy(str2,str1,half); str2[half]='�'; printf(" The first half of %s is %s",str1,str2); break; case 5: printf(" Enter the string:"); scanf("%s",str2); strcat(str1,str2); printf(" After Concatenation:%s",str1); break; default: exit(0); } }



                    Thus the C program to illustrate any five string functions is written and executed successfully.

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