To write a C++ program for string manipulation using dynamic constructors.


STEP 1: Start the program.

STEP 2: Declare the data members and member functions.

STEP 3: Define the dynamic constructor using new keyword.

STEP 4: Define the member function ‘join()’ for manipulating string.

STEP 5: call join function in main function.

STEP 6: Display the strings.

STEP 7: Stop the program.


class string
{ char *name; int length; public: string() { length=0; name=new char[length+1]; //Dynamic constructor } string(char *s) { length=strlen(s); name=new char[length+1]; strcpy(name,s); } void display() { cout<<"n "<<name; } void join(string &a,string &b);
void string::join(string &a,string &b)
{ length=a.length+b.length; delete name; name=new char[length+1]; strcpy(name,; strcat(name,;
void main()
{ clrscr(); string name1(" Object"); string name2(" Oriented"); string name3(" Programming Lab"); string s1,s2; s1.join(name1,name2); s2.join(s1,name3); name1.display(); name2.display(); name3.display(); s1.display(); s2.display(); getch();



                 Thus the C++ program for string manipulation using dynamic constructors is written and executed successfully.

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