Year 2016: Expanding the Horizons!

2016 is coming to an end and Sloboda Studio will like to give you a recap of the departing year. We are proud to say that in 2016 Sloboda Studio has attained new heights (literally!).

  1. This year 15 new members joined our team (back-end and front-end). We’ve grown from 41 to 56 people in the team. And the plans for 2017 is even more exciting!
  2. As any good application is impossible without high-quality front-end, we have expanded our Front-end department in addition to Rails Stack. We chose these two technologies as they both are very popular and can be smoothly integrated into Ruby projects.
  3. We elaborated, introduced and conducted our own evaluation procedures to grade our developers and get a clear picture of their current expertise. The process enhanced their motivation and showed them ways for further improvements. Now we strive to perfect our procedures and make the evaluation even more accurate.

career managementcareer management

  1. We believe that staying up to date with changes in the development and market requirements is vital for any IT company, therefore we spend a lot of time and effort creating possibilities for our developers to maintain and improve their skills. Sloboda team participated in numerous IT conferences throughout the year. For example, our team members were at EURUKO 2016, RubyC, KharkivJS, Outsource People, BAConf,PMcon, RailsClub, Dev-Pro TechTalk, and KharkivCSS. Sloboda Studio conducted DevTalks, where our developers exchanged their experience, discussed new technologies, visions, and ways to fix tricky bugs or refine development processes.
  2. We opened a new office in addition to the old one. Now 20 team members from Sloboda Studio are working on new products and projects for our users, customers and partners from shiny and sunny rooms.

New office at Sloboda Studio

  1. In 2016 we actively strengthened our existing partnerships and forged new paths to the prospective clients on business trips to Switzerland, Norway, France and Germany.

With the CEO of BATTERE (Zurich)

Meeting in Berlin with CTO of Spekunauten

  1. Our strong partnership with our clients brought great results! In October 2016, less than a month after launching its equity crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, CityFALCON successfully secured its initial £150,000 funding target from nearly 120 investors. In 3 months after the launch, MyPassPro and Sloboda achieved 110% of the sales. MPP is on track to have 1200 paying customers by the end of 2017.

Planning session with TikkTalk (Oslo, Norway)

Skiwo AS is now headquartered in, the biggest startup incubator in Norway.

We thank all customers, partners and friends of Sloboda Studio for this wonderful year! We strongly believe that 2017 will bring new promising opportunities and brilliant ideas for each and everyone! Sloboda Studio is ready to take up new challenges and to lend our helping hands (and bright minds, too!), whenever you need!

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