Trip to Kiev with our UK customer

A week ago our whole CityFalcon team went to Kyiv with our lovely customer Ruzbeh from the UK.

CityFalcon – our one of the biggest projects we ever worked on. Currently, there is a team of 10 Sloboda developers and QAs who work on it.

Next to the Dnipro river, Kiev

Unfortunately, our customer Ruzbeh could not come to our office in Kharkiv because of his embassy limitation.

So we come up with the idea to go together to Kyiv.

One of a friend of mine was so kind so he shared the whole room in his office.

We stayed at the hotel Ukraine in the very city center of Kyiv.

Almost every night we had some event. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights we went bowling and to a Chinese restaurant together.

Working together really helped us understand each other better. Also in this tough environment, our team completed more tasks than usual.

Our temporary office in Kiev

Ruzbeh found time to communicate and build a closer relationship with each team member.

Our Ukrainian gift Matryoshka in London

If you have a chance – always find time to work together with your team or customer offline.

No doubts!

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