The 3 Best Ruby On Rails Features – Plus, The Top 22 Ruby On Rails Development Companies Of 2019, According To DesignRush

We’ve recently talked about pros and cons of Ruby on Rails framework in our blog and named a number of cool features RoR has to offer you., a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, also discovered the top 3 Ruby On Rails functionalities that make it so wide used on the market.

They also listed the top Ruby On Rails development companies of 2019 and Sloboda Studio is proud to be one of them.

The Ruby On Rails platform offers plenty of features that improve business productivity and user experience, which ultimately leads to meaningful business growth.

The top 3 Ruby On Rails features by DesignRush include:

  1. Easy Platform Access

Ruby On Rails is open-source software, which means it is ultimately free to use. Because of its public access, over 4500 developers have contributed custom lines of code the ROR that other brands can utilize. In addition, businesses can partner with a Ruby On Rails development company to further personalize their ROR website and ensure success.

  1. Intuitive Development Process

Ruby On Rails was created with the idea of “Convention Over Configuration” in mind. This means that conventional features, functionalities and lines of code are automatically included, and developers only need to specify their customized “unconventional” features within the code.

This idea speeds up the development process by eliminating the need to code each and every web feature and makes building a functional website even easier for brands.

  1. Simple API Integration

Ruby On Rails websites can be integrated with third-party programs through a seamless API. This allows businesses to personalize their website to meet the needs of their consumers, improve brand identity, better user experience, and increase their own efficiency, all of which lead to business growth.

“Ruby On Rails is one of the leading website frameworks,” says DesignRush Founder and Executive Director Gabriel Shaoolian. “Their dedication to building light, fast-loading websites that are customizable and simple to develop adds significant long-term value to the businesses that build their online presence on ROR.”

DesignRush’s Agency Listing section features the top local and global Ruby On Rails agencies. Some of the top Ruby On Rails development companies from around the world include:

  1. Rubyroid Labs

Rubyroid Labs was founded in 2013 in Minsk, Belarus. Since then, they have become a leading Ruby on Rails development company in Eastern Europe with a full cycle of software development services.

Visit Rubyroid Labs online at

  1. Parrolabs Inc

From the city of eternal spring Medellin, Parrolabs focusses on Web Development, Mobile Development and Digital Marketing. Its team is ideally located in the same timezone as New York City and its Nearshoring model will give you very competitive rates in the Americas.

Visit Parrolabs Inc online at

  1. Active Bridge

Active Bridge is a full-stack development partner responsible for developing and maintaining websites, mobile applications and software systems. We provide dedicated programmers who have extensive experience in Ruby on Rails development across a variety of industries for in-house teams. In the five years, our company’s gone from the startup to the successful provider of web/software development services to North America and Eastern Europe markets. Now we have more than 20 multifunctional projects and 30+ high qualified specialists in the staff. Active Bridge’s core technologies are Ruby on Rails, Angular.js, React.js, Ionic and Android/iOS. We implement them successfully creating client-side products and company’s projects.

Visit Active Bridge online at

  1. Andolasoft

Andolasoft is a dynamic web and mobile apps development company that designs and develops web applications, mobile applications and deploys clouds for start-ups and established businesses. They are supported by a solid team of over 200 experienced developers that specialize in Ruby on Rails, PHP, CakePHP iPhone/iPad apps, Android apps, and Cloud Management services. Andolasoft has given all of their efforts to their two main products. One is OrangeScrum – the project management software – and another is WakeUpSales, the CRM application. They help clients all over the world by delivering projects within their budget and time.

Visit Andolasoft online at

  1. Arkenea

Arkenea is a full-service software development consultancy that helps fast-growing companies, whether Fortune 500 or startups, accelerate product time to market with custom software development and UI/UX design. Technology companies prefer Arkenea because of the founders’ experience in building, scaling and successfully exiting from a software product company. Their unique delivery model combines North America-based analysis and project management with delivery from their team of talented developers in India. Results, service and care levels are those that brands would expect from the best front-office tech teams in the country. Rahul Varshneya and Karthik Krishnaraj started the company to solve one of the biggest challenges they faced while scaling their own tech startups prior to Arkenea – that of unaccountable offshore software development teams. Arkenea was thus born by disrupting the business model of a traditional software development firm.

Visit Arkenea online at

  1. BenoSoftware

BenoSoftware, an IT services unit of Beno Group of companies, was founded with the vision to assist global companies in niche and complex engineering needs. In a short span of time, BenoSoftware has gained a wonderful reputation and significant clientele in its space. With its highly matured delivery processes and Agile approach, BenoSoftware has developed quite a few award winning and very complex applications. Over the last few years, BenoSoftware has served many global customers in various technology needs. Their choice of technologies, development methodologies, code quality and matured delivery processes has made them a trusted offshore product development company.

Visit BenoSoftware online at

  1. Briisk

Briisk helps companies go through digital transformation by building their software for over 6 years. They understand their clients’ needs and know how to pursue their business goals to be seen as the leaders in their industry. Briisk has a strong, multi-skilled team of software developers, analysts and designers who get a buzz out of technologies such as Ruby on Rails which helps create clients’ MVPs quicker.

Visit Briisk online at

  1. Clustox

Clustox has extensive experience in undertaking mission-critical projects. They demonstrate measurable value in terms of time-to-market, greater productivity and higher profitability. Their satisfied customers will gladly testify to how they have profited from their transformational value. 88% of their business is repeat business and perhaps the one constant in Clustox’s relationships is longevity. Clients consider them to be their extended organization. Clustox is focused on creating value, which brands can profit from. To create solutions that matter to customers and partners, their software engineers and architects constantly ask themselves: Is there a better way? Invariably, they find there is. They call this “The Clustox Way”.

Visit Clustox online at

  1. Datarockets

datarockets prides themselves on being much more than an outsourced development resource – they are a team of product developers. datarockets’ philosophy embraces intensive communication, quick delivery, automated and iterative processes. They work with clients as a single team. For the last 4 years, they have built more than 20 products for EU and NA startups and established businesses.

Visit Datarockets online at

  1. Digiryte

Digiryte is one of UK’s leading Web and Mobile application development companies, known for its technical expertise in the Software development arena and business knowledge. Having started as a tech startup, Digiryte assembled a dream team of highly skilled and experienced innovation consultants, growth hackers, designers, developers and data scientists to build complex web and mobile-based systems.

Visit Digiryte online at

  1. DNA Team

DNA Team’s talented Russia-based developers are ready to build software and mobile applications tailored to clients’ specific business needs, at a fair price and with very fast turnaround. At the same time, their consultants will work with brands wherever they are, to ensure the highest level of service and guarantee that their developers create exactly what each brand needs. They provide turn-key services or work on a limited scope, depending on client needs.

Visit DNA Team online at

  1. Emveep

Emveep is a team of professional Indonesian programmers doing web and mobile app development since 2006. They work with international startups. Emveep developers apps from scratch, and help clients launch, maintain and iterate in a lean manner. They can help brands localize and launch if they have an appetite for the huge Indonesian market.

Visit Emveep online at

  1. eproductions interactive web team

eproductions was founded in 1997 in New York. In 2002, they moved their activities, experience, expertise and knowledge to Athens, Greece. eproductions provides integrated, highly specialized web and new media services combined with prompt and excellent customer service that covers the needs of each project and of every client. Their main objective is to achieve the ideal outcome for each client, through strategic support of every technological requirement. At eproductions, every project presents a new challenge and also an opportunity to be creative in order to achieve the desired result.

Visit eproductions interactive web team online at

  1. JetRuby Agency

JetRuby Agency is a Full Cycle Web and Mobile outsourcing software development company with over 8 years of expertise in the development and maintenance of SaaS, CRM, ERP, E-Commerce, Social Media applications, RealEstate solutions of different complexity based on top-notch technology stack. The story of their success has already been spread over half of the Globe. Their portfolio is rich enough to include clients from the USA, Canada, Australia, China, the Middle East and the Gulf. They are proud to have The Financial Times of New York and GoPro among the dedicated clients that they have been working with for the last 4 years. Their mission is to help well-established businesses and startups develop high-quality IT solutions and integrate them into their daily operations in order to grow business success.

Visit JetRuby agency online at

  1. Jyaasa Technologies

Jyassa Technologies is a Ruby on Rails Software Development Company. They transform ideas into real-time products, giving clientele the ultimate online experience. Jyassa Technologies has a professional team whose expertise lies in web and mobile applications and who are proficient in the 3Rs (Ruby on Rails, React and React Native). Jyassa Technologies specializes in building digital products for startups and early-stage businesses. Whether it’s a mobile app or custom web application, they are passionate to design, develop and deliver products that do well in the digital world. Their mission to inspire and enable entrepreneurs and startups to build great products that solve real-world business problems.

Visit Jyassa Technologies online at

  1. Navtech

Navtech is well known to be one of the Best Mobile App development companies in this world since 2013. They always keep running with a bundle of youthful and energetic software designers. Their Cloud Computing Services with a vision to deliver secure and cost-effective solutions for public, private and hybrid cloud services. Navtech’s solutions enable customers to harbor the benefits of a cloud platform without compromising its agility and efficiency. They transform creative ideas into innovative panaceas which enable their clients to witness a remarkable experience.

Visit Navtech online at

  1. RailsCarma

One of the fastest growing technology enterprises, RailsCarma specializes in crafting solutions for entrepreneurs, large organizations, agencies and start-ups. With a blend of ingenious expertise, system prowess, and cloud compatibility, RailsCarma endeavors to maximize the profit that clients deduce from their IT investment. They are industry veterans using and implementing Ruby on Rails from its nascent stages for development, training, deploying and contributing back to the Rails Community. Through trusted technical expertise and consummate customer service combined to deliver a delightful experience for clients, RailsCarma provides end to end Ruby on Rails consulting, architecture, building, management and extension to companies around the globe. They support clients with tools, techniques and pioneering approaches to solving mission critical business problems.

RailsCarma provides an extensive range of RoR Consulting services from process review, cloud deployment to consulting. An eclectic mix of group, their RoR experts are united by the love for Rails framework and a desire to produce digital masterpieces. Using a collaborative and delivery-oriented approach to all projects, RailsCarma’s experts bring exquisite visuals, intuitive designs and outstanding content and convert ideas into successful products. Be it for large enterprises or start-ups, RailsCarma believes that RoR has the power to turn challenging ideas into outstanding projects.

RailsCarma promotes RoR without reservation as they believe fast iteration contributes to a lot when it comes to success in this hyper-paced business world. Technologies and the Internet are enabling them to create and consume information at an alarming alacrity and RoR is only contributing to make it faster. In short, the world is fast and a business needs to be faster to survive. RailsCarma’s adept team builds faster and powerful scalable products that work with ease and effectiveness.

Visit RailsCarma online at

  1. Redwerk

Redwerkis an outsourcing company that provides quality software development services to large enterprises and startups around the world. They have two offices in the Ukrainian cities of Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia and an almost 60-head team of real professionals. Redwerk provides top quality web, mobile and software development services and guarantees the flawless of all projects outsourced to developers. Whether a client needs professional designers, skilled developers or attentive QA engineers under the proper guidance of the project manager, Redwerk is the right place to turn to.

Visit Redwerk online at

  1. Sloboda Studio

Sloboda Studio is a company that provides custom web development services. Founded in 2010, they completed 92 projects for the clients from Western European countries. Their clients include Marketplaces, Fintech, and Adtechproducts, and they apply Agile methodologies to ensure the timely delivery and the high quality of the product. Sloboda Studio’s core specialty is marketplace development. They also work with mature companies located in Western Europe on an out-staffing basis with dedicated models. Since 2018, Sloboda Studio provides machine learning services. For clients, they can create Deep Learning Neural networks that are capable of processing the human language, photographs, audio and video files. With scoring and clusterization algorithms, they can develop the recommendation systems that will offer the most relevant solutions to clients.

Visit Sloboda Studio online at

  1. Syndicode

Syndicode is a software development company, whose quality, performance and flexibility resulted in a trusting partnership with companies in Ukraine, Europe, and the USA. They help to create digital products for various businesses be it one-page promo website, e-commerce mobile app, critical enterprise app, two-sided marketplace, SaaS, or backend for high-load video streaming social network. Syndicode loves building simple and unique solutions for the best customer experience. Their web and mobile developers know how to build products and services with the agile iterative approach. From proof-of-concept prototype, through Minimum Viable Product to Release 1 – they cover all phases from idea to managed launch and maintenance. Clients enjoy high intelligence, discipline and best engineering talent of Syndicoders.

Visit Syndicode online at

  1. ThinkSys Inc

Thinksys is an award-winning software development and testing company with a rich heritage of building innovative and creative software products that fit any industry and budget. They have a group of over 250 experienced developers and testers, who work together to unlock value using their creativity, trending technology, and business-minded thinking. With its headquarters in the USA and the R&D operations based in India, Thinksys has experience of building over 300 innovative and custom B2B and B2C applications for a variety of industries, like Healthcare, Agriculture, E-Commerce, Finance, Logistics, Real Estate, etc. From providing dynamic web and mobile app designs to using effective testing methods, Thinksys offers solutions that transcend the trends of tomorrow.

Visit ThinkSys Inc online at

  1. Webisoft

Webisoft knows the pain that entrepreneurs face while hiring developers for their dream product. They would like to invite brands to vet them rigorously prior to hiring. In fact, Webisoft frequently releases blog posts on the company blog for the novice Internet entrepreneur.

Visit Webisoft online at

Brands can view the best ROR agencies by rates, expertise, experience, case studies, reviews and more on DesignRush. Users can easily filter to compare Ruby On Rails development firms and find the top Ruby On Rails developers who can build a successful website.


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