Sloboda Studio one year on: What’s changed?

This year is almost over, so it’s time to review and summarise the work of our company. We’d like to identify the most important criteria and points of the year, from the point of view of employees, as well as of our partners and customers.

Extension in Tech stack: Python & Vue.js

Leaving a mark in the industry, in our case, means the implementation of some new (for the company) programming languages and frameworks. This year, we set a goal to master and adopt new technologies and this goal was fulfilled.  This year we have been working on projects with React, Vue.js, and Python, which is undoubtedly a great and competitive advantage. We have started our way with Angular 2.0 for Artur Inside, one of our biggest projects.

Here you can see more about this project:

Also, our company decided to open a new department and invited two Senior Python developers for cooperation, planning to expand the staff and master new directions.

Uniting remote work with on-site planning sessions

In our opinion, communication is one of the key elements in cooperation both within the team and during business meetings. With the workforce in 54 people, 24 of them were on business trips this year. Moreover, we try to hire goal-oriented specialists who want to grow professionally and bring their vision and solutions to the company. 

Employees who work for a long time (in the company) is always a big plus – both in terms of creating a strong team, and in terms of creating effective business processes. Here, in Sloboda Studio, we have employees who worked more than 5 years.

In our company, we create individual development plans for each team member, and we also try to involve the employee in the communication between the team members and the client as much as possible. This allows us to be confident that the company is moving in the right direction and can take long-term projects.

We try to be open and want to work not only on mutually beneficial terms but also try to establish closer and more trustful contact. More on our IT-tourism you can find here:

IT Journeys: Why We Send Employees for 2-3 Week Planning Sessions Abroad

New trustful finance entity in Estonia

The country is a member of the European Union, which means that its legislation meets the highest European standards. Thus, working with representative companies in Estonia, the customer can be sure that their rights will be protected by the norms of the European Union. And with the approach to tax legislation described above, executing companies can reduce prices for the final product which is undoubtedly a huge plus for all interested parties.

Doing business with companies registered in Europe simplifies the work and also reduces the final cost, allowing to operate within the European legislation. This guarantees the fulfillment of rights and obligations on the part of the contractor’s company, which in turn gives more confidence to the customer’s companies. Reducing trade costs, improving terms of the contract and also personal data protection reforms contributed to a more pleasant legislative environment in the European Union.

New tech practices for  project delivery & quality

We strive to ensure that during the work on all of our projects at Sloboda Studio, maintain a single set of rules and standards for technical processes. We are aware that projects in the company may differ significantly in nature. Differences can affect the size of the team, the way of setting tasks, technical requirements, etc.

Each process and/or practice requires:

  • ease and simplicity of formal description
  • repeatability
  • easy way to verify the success/failure of the application, clear criteria

Also, as a basis for the formation of high-level guides and rules on how to implement our standards, we can try to take as a the principles of Thoughtbot.

High-level guidelines:

  • be consistent
  • do not rewrite existing code to fit this guide
  • do not violate a guideline without a good reason

Each process and/or practice requires:

  • “avoid” means do not do it unless you have a good reason
  • “do not” means there’s never a good reason
  • “prefer” indicates a better option and its alternative to watch out for
  • “use” is a positive instruction

Corporate Values

We are the famous team of professionals who solve clients’ business tasks with the help of engineering.

Our goals are achieved by:

  • hiring right people, both in terms of values ​​and aptitude
  • arranging relationships with customers
  • providing our clients with ultimate developmental success

Our mission is:

To make our customers’ projects successful with the help of web development and consulting, high tech and ethical projects.

Values ​​of Sloboda Studio

As we mentioned above – this year was a year of discoveries and positive achievements. The company is growing, staff is expanding, new regulations are being created and processes are being optimized. We decided to create company’s dedicated training center where each employee can improve their skills or share their experience with others. In 2017, we also began to position ourselves in the market, and we do that actively  expanding the horizons and scope of the company. Moreover, we plan to continue this line in 2018, so that even more of our customers can implement their projects with our help.

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