Ruby on rails developer salary: TOP outsourcing destinations

Planning to kill two birds with one stone by finding the best Ruby on Rails developer for your project while saving money on web development?

Some may say it’s IMPOSSIBLE. We say it’s not.

Choosing Ruby on Rails for your project development is as good as it gets, but finding the best Rails development team is a must.

Ruby on Rails salaries depend highly on various factors.

Stay tuned to find out what to consider when choosing a RoR developer for your project.

What affects Ruby on Rails salaries

Let’s have a look at several core factors that affect Ruby on Rails developers’ rates the most.

  • Economical situation

It is no surprise that countries with a developed economy have a better standard of living and therefore higher prices for everything. Software development is no exception.

Additionally, a stable economic situation leads to higher technical education costs, a higher number of startups, and increased demand for Rails developers.

As a result, ruby on rails developer hourly rate can reach up to $180 per hour.

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According to market studies, the highest rates can be found in the USA, Central and North Europe (Finland, Sweden, France, and Germany), and some Asian regions like Singapore and Japan.

Here are the statistics on the best paid developers in the world. You can see the direct correlation between standard of living and software developers’ salaries.

According to Upwork, the offshore development rates in Central and Southern America range from $75 to $180 and higher. In Eastern Europe, average outsourcing rates are $30-$50. In the top outsourcing countries of Asia and India, offshore developers charge $25-$50 per hour.

Ruby on Rails hourly ratesRuby on Rails hourly rates

Ruby on Rails rates around the world

  • Experience

According to the Stack Overflow survey, a developer’s age correlates with their experience. The older and more experienced specialists are located in Australia, Western Europe, and North America. 

Experience and expertise always lead to higher rates.

Years of coding experience in the WorldYears of coding experience in the World

Average years of RoR experience in different countries

  • Popularity of technology

According to the above-mentioned Stack Overflow survey, the more popular the technology you use, the less you pay. And vice versa.

Though there is a caveat: the more popular a technology is, the higher the risk of getting low-quality code and spending even more on bug fixing; since more people are learning the technology, there is more competition but lower code quality.

Ruby is not that hyped yet, which is an additional benefit to using the technology, as long as you can find qualified and experienced developers and choose outsourcing costs by country you prefer.

Ruby is cool, but it can be expensive if you develop the project in the USA or Central Europe.

Programming languages with highest salariesProgramming languages with highest salaries

Programming languages with the highest rates

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Ruby on Rails Hourly Rates around the World

Europe – the second-largest market after the USA.

The rates differ greatly depending on the part of Europe where you are looking for developers.

The highest hourly rates are for rails development, which are charged when in the European Union; particularly in Germany ($40-65), Sweden ($45-100), Norway ($40-75), and the United Kingdom ($60).

On the other hand, in the Eastern part of Europe, the rates start at $30 per hour.

USA rates are among the highest. A dream for developers, but horror for startups.

According to LinkedIn, the country has more than 70 thousand people who are building their careers as Ruby on Rails developers.

You will always have your choice of American developers. However, as we already mentioned before, the Ruby on Rails developer hourly rate in this region may appear a little bit too high, starting from $75 to $250, depending on the seniority of your developer.

Highest Ruby on Rails salariesHighest Ruby on Rails salaries

Ruby on Rails hourly rates in USA


  • Asia and India

Usually, these outsourcing locations are chosen to save even more on development, which may be an option if your project is on a strict budget.

You know the pitfall: saving money can put code quality at risk.

In average, RoR developers charge $25-50 per hour in India and up to $50 per hour in China.

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There are a lot of benefits of outsourcing to developing countries. Ruby on Rails is a brilliant technology, especially for startup development. It helps to build solid MVPs, launch your project fast, and scale it later, much as Airbnb did with Rails.

However, your Rails teams also play a key role in your success. 

Don’t choose the lowest prices just because you want to save money. On the other hand, the most expensive option might not guarantee you the best expertise.

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