Before going to the program first let us understand what is a Linear Search?

Linear search:

          Linear search is the simplest search algorithm. It is also called a sequential search.

Linear search is a method for finding a particular value in a list that checks each element in sequence until the desired element is found or the list is exhausted.

For Linear search, the list need not be ordered.

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Program code for Linear Search in Python:

# Python Program for Linear Search
# Initialize an empty list and the flag variable
array = []
element_found = False size = int(input("Enter the size of an array: ")) # Read the elements from the user
for i in range(size): elements = int(input("Enter the Element: ")) array.append(elements) # Read the element to be searched from the user element = int(input("Enter the element to be searched: ")) for i in range(size): if element == array[i]: position = i element_found = True break if element_found: print("The element is in the list and its position is: ", position + 1)
else: print("The element is not found") 


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