How to Update Firefox on Ubuntu [Beginner’s Tip]

The other day, one It’s FOSS reader asked me, “Abhishek, How do I Update Firefox on Ubuntu”. The question surprised me because there are no specific steps for updating Firefox. When you update Ubuntu, Firefox

GNOME 3.38 is Here With Customizable App Grid, Performance Improvements and Tons of Other Changes

GNOME 3.36 brought some much-needed improvements along with a major performance boost. Now, after 6 months, we’re finally here with GNOME 3.38 with a big set of changes. GNOME 3.38 Key Features Here are the

Open Usage Commons: Google’s Initiative to Manage Trademark for Open Source Projects Runs into Controversy

Back in July, Google announced a new organization named Open Usage Commons. The aim of the organization is to help “projects protect their project identity through programs such as trademark management and usage guidelines”. Google

How to Run Multiple Linux Commands at Once in Linux Terminal [Essential Beginners Tip]

Running two or more commands in one line can save you a good deal of time and help you become more efficient and productive in Linux. There are three ways you can run multiple commands

KeePassXC is An Amazing Community Driven Open Source Password Manager [Not Cloud Based]

Brief: KeePassXC is a useful open-source cross-platform password manager that doesn’t compromise on features even if it’s not a cloud-based tool. Here, we take a quick look at it. KeePassXC: A Cross-Platform Open Source Password

Linux Jargon Buster: What is a Long Term Support (LTS) Release? What is Ubuntu LTS?

In Linux world, specially when it comes to Ubuntu, you’ll come across the term LTS (long term support). If you’re an experienced Linux user, you probably know the various aspects of a Linux distribution like

Shutdown Taking Too Long? Here’s How to Investigate and Fix Long Shutdown Time in Linux

Your Linux system is taking too long to shut down? Here are the steps you can take to find out what is causing the delayed shutdown and fix the issue. I hope you are a

The New YubiKey 5C NFC Security Key Lets You Use NFC to Easily Authenticate Your Secure Devices

If you are extra cautious about securing your online accounts with the best possible authentication method, you probably know about Yubico. They make hardware authentication security keys to replace two-factor authentication and get rid of

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