Office Workers, Freelancers or an Agency?

Every employer wants to hire a competent, qualified, and teachable employees and faces the problem: is it better to hire office workers, freelancers or apply to the agency?

Office workers

It has become more difficult to find a good specialist in the labor market. Deficiency of competent employees is considered the main problem by most of the surveyed HR-managers (68,3%). Almost the third of HR-managers (31,7%) believe that many candidates set their expectations about their salary too high although they do not satisfy the established requirements. The rest of surveyed HR-managers admit having difficulties with estimating the level of competence and skills of potential employees.

Nowadays the labor market is tight. At an average, a vacancy is closed within 5-6 months. The fact that there are more jobs than specialists leads to job-hunting and salaries’ increase. Do not forget, that you also have to pay +40% of taxes and recreational leave welfare allowance above worker’s salary. Moreover, you need to find an official place for each employee. So one way or another, hiring office workers are not going to be cheap.

If you decide to hire an office worker, it is also not going to be easy. It is a complex process that includes a creation of a position, ring round of candidates, development of a test assignment, and holding the interview. If you own a small or medium-sized business, you might want to consider using the PEO services. This kind of service is offered by professional employer organizations (PEO) that provide HR, payroll, benefits and additional solutions to businesses.

If an employee creates a discomfort in the collective, they will do more harm than good to the company no matter how good they are in their specialty. In theory, a worker must be a professional that is open to new knowledge, they have to come to common terms with colleagues. You should pay extra attention to the combination of these traits when you recruit the employees.

First of all, if you are thinking of hiring an office worker, analyze if their workload is going to be regular. If it is a project work, better hire freelancers or apply to the agency. Also, you should understand that you have to satisfy not only the business needs but also needs of a worker, take into account their ambitions and requests.

Besides solving the problems concerning your business, you have to answer for employees’ development. Workers should be constantly motivated if you want them to keep working with you. If a person is uncomfortable in the company and their professional advancement is not added with financial motivation, they can leave the company.


You can find freelancers at the freelance exchange. It is special purpose sites where freelancers publish their CV and examples of their work to get employers interested in them. Cooperation with freelancers are good for a project work and one-off task but there are certain advantages and risks in hiring a teleworker.

Services of a freelancer are usually cheaper than services of an agency or an office worker. The increase of competition between freelancers leads to the improvement of their professional skills and cost-efficiency of their services. Another plus is communication with freelancers without any mediators or project’s managers. This way the process of communication becomes easier and more efficient.

It is easy to hire or fire a freelancer but it is difficult to control them. Risks of work’s failure are very high. As you cannot keep an eye on a teleworker, they can easily drop off the radar: they can get sick or just ignore you if they have more important tasks. Also, a provider cannot give you any guarantees, even concerning project’s confidentiality.


An agency can be considered as a company that represents mediating role between freelancers and customers. Services of an agency are comparable with freelancers’ services at a price but it is offset by the high competence of workers. Such an agency will significantly make your life easier. It will save your time and you will not have to invest your money into employees’ education, especially when you look for developers who worked in particular domain area, for example with Fintech or Marketplaces. An agency will select a worker that satisfies your requirements. This way an agency takes the most important part of itself.

Nowadays all the successful and self-respecting companies command the services of a recruiting agency, admitting that such agencies select their workers more professionally using different methods in the process of selection. In a definite time and for a certain charge you will reliably get your work done by competent and qualified workers, and it means you can finally make that step to success you have been waiting for.


To sum up, in most cases cooperation with agencies is the best option. Most likely you will not be able to fully control the working process, but the experience shows that results of this cooperation will be more professional, organized and effective.

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