Nordic Tech Conferences 2019: Best startup events

Networking and learning for life.

A promise to which every business must commit.

If you are an entrepreneur with an amazing start-up idea and want to pitch it to investors, then you should go all out on networking. It might be one of your best shots!

The best place to communicate and learn is always at conferences, especially those with centered around specific niches.

We have found that some of the best tech conferences take place in Scandinavia. So, get ready for some cold weather and warm interactions.

Nordic Tech Conferences 2019Nordic Tech Conferences 2019

Nordic Tech Conferences 2019


1. Oslo Innovation Week 2019

2019 tech conferences in Norway2019 tech conferences in Norway

This 5-day event consists of 5 topic tracks. Within Oslo Innovation Week‘s different themes, you’ll be able to talk about the future of your work, locations, quality of life, entrepreneurship, while exploring Oslo.

Being one of the best tech conferences, Oslo Innovation Week promises to unite up to 11,000 international innovation leaders, corporations, start-ups, investors and creatives.

  • 250 speakers
  • 5 tracks
  • More than 50 events
  • 150 partners

2. Nordic Edge

2019 tech conferences in Norway2019 tech conferences in Norway

According to Nordic Edge Expo creators, during the event, you will acquire knowledge from decisionmakers, smart technology providers, change-making companies, start-ups, universities, and dynamic organizations.

Here you may meet the investors, innovators and decisionmakers from both the private and public sector. Nordic Edge Expo is considered one of the top tech conferences of 2019, and the go-to stage for the showcasing of the smart city solutions and the attraction of new partners and clients.

  • 30+ topics
  • 100+ speakers
  • 100 exhibitors

3. The Shift 

conference for startups in Norwayconference for startups in Norway

When talking about 2019 tech conferences, we cannot remain silent about The Shift Conference. This event presents itself as a celebration for both start-ups and well-established businesses. Generally, it is about growth at any stage of business.

Things you may learn here include but are not limited to: using data and analytics efficiently, changing your company politics and even re-branding!

  • 25 speakers
  • 200 start-ups
  • 40 investors
  • 3 tracks

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4. eCommerce Power Day 

conference for startups in Denmarkconference for startups in Denmark

eCommerce Power Day focuses on electronic commerce, inspirational speakers, effective tools and practical exercises.

As promised, the agenda of this conference for start-ups is centered around artificial intelligence and business development.

  • 3 practical master-classes
  • Up to 10 speakers
  • 15 minutes of strong cases/demos

5. TechBBQ

top tech conferences 2019 in Denmarktop tech conferences 2019 in Denmark

The TechBBQ startup conference 2019 is a two-day international summit for the tech and start-up community. This year the TechBBQ summit promises to gather 4,000+ start-ups and professional investors.

According to the agenda, participants will be sharing experiences such as success stories, learning from failure, honed knowledge, unique insights, and a great time.

  • 100 speakers
  • 5 themes, including global conservations, emerging technologies, breakthroughs, ecosystems and mental health
  • 5 stages
  • The BBQ party

6. Nordic Venture Forum 2019

best tech conferences 2019 in Denmarkbest tech conferences 2019 in Denmark

Nordic Venture Forum is a conference for start-ups entrepreneurs and those who invest in start-ups.

During the two days of the Venture Forum, corporate, international and local and venture capital investors will get an opportunity to talk about investment and actually do some investing.

The agenda of this startup conference includes such topics as ICT, SaSS, online mobile, fin-tech, cleantech, bio-economy, circular economy, food, health tech, and life sciences.

  • 50+ pre-selected companies
  • 5 key topics: Software, Internet of Things, FinTech, Cleantech, Digital Health – Medtech, Life Sciences, Food & Beverages


7. Sthlm Fest

best tech conferences 2019 in Swedenbest tech conferences 2019 in Sweden

In 2019, Stockholm Tech Fest promises to be all about venture capital funds, incubators, accelerators, bigger coworking spaces, and new angel investors.

  • 1000+ women’s hackathon
  • 3 stages
  • Over 30 topics for start-ups and investors
  • VIP dinners & networking

8. EdTech Sweden

top tech conferences 2019 in Swedentop tech conferences 2019 in Sweden

The EdTech organizers are focusing on future technology and contemporary pedagogy. Thus, decision-makers in the business, private and educational sectors are going to meet to share their insights at this conference.

The agenda is centered around bringing education and professional development to the next level aided by technology.

  • 4 formats: exhibition, walk the talk, workshops, and keynotes


2019 tech conferences in Sweden2019 tech conferences in Sweden

SIME positions itself as an event for digital opportunities. As promised, participants will learn more about digital opportunities, new technologies and how they can help their businesses.

The SIME Conference comprises two days of summits, expert talks, experienced speakers, networking and having a great time.

  • 1800+ Leaders
  • 100+ Speakers
  • 10 Summits
  • 3 Stages


10. Joint Futures

2019 tech conferences in Finland2019 tech conferences in Finland

The Joint Futures Conference gathers an international community of up to 600 design-oriented professionals and leaders.

This conference is all about creating community and offering a space to learn, meet like-minded people, get insights and increase the productivity of your team.

  • 33 speakers
  • 4 types of activities: workshops, keynotes, regular and lightning talks
  • Over 30 topics: i.e. ethics in design, design systems, empathetic workplaces and much more

11. AI & Data Intelligence 

top tech conferences 2019 in Finlandtop tech conferences 2019 in Finland

Aaand you’ll never guess: this conference is dedicated to artificial intelligence and data science 🙂

At this tech conference, you’re going to learn how to use artificial intelligence power for your business. You’ll study practical cases, gain insights and set new business goals.

  • 11 speakers
  • 4 topics, including customer experience, revenue production & time management, AI frameworks and data processing
  • 25 themes

12. Slush Festival 2019

best tech conferences 2019 in Finlandbest tech conferences 2019 in Finland

Have you ever wanted to visit the largest meetup of venture capitalists in the world? Because this is how Slush represents itself. In fact, only in 2018, the event brought together over 1800 investors.

So even if you are a startup (in fact, especially if you are one), there’s something to learn at Slush Festival. This is one of the biggest tech conferences in Europe, and the agenda involves seminars and workshops on entrepreneurship and startup growth.

  • 23 speakers
  • 4000+ tech companies
  • The Matchmaking Tool for networking
  • 2000 investors

top tech conferences 2019top tech conferences 2019

We have overviewed TOP 12 Nordic tech conferences worth visiting in the passing 2019.

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