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Travel Router:

Ditching the Raspberry Pi was a big move for me, especially with a month-long trip to Japan on the horizon and a tech-dependent family of eight in tow. In this video, I dive into the why and how of upgrading our travel tech setup. It’s all about ensuring we’ve got a rock-solid, reliable travel router and NAS to keep everyone connected, entertained, and maybe a bit too online during our adventures. Follow along as I break down the journey from decision to real-world execution, showcasing the trials, errors, and eventual triumphs of finding the perfect travel companion in the tech world.

The leap from the familiar comfort of Raspberry Pi to a new solution was driven by the need for something more robust and capable of handling the demands of multiple devices streaming and accessing data on the go. This isn’t just a tech swap; it’s a mission to enhance our travel experience significantly. You’ll get an inside look at the setup process, how it stands up to the ultimate field test (aka my kids), and whether it can really cut the mustard as the heart of our digital nomad setup. So, if you’re into tech, travel, or just love a good family tech drama, this is one you won’t want to miss.

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19. Family travel tech: Beyond the Raspberry Pi
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21. NAS and router combo for international trips
22. NetworkChuck’s travel tech overhaul
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