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Google is baking in proxies into their Chrome Browser. Known as their “IP Protection” feature, this will have users of Chrome go through a Google owned proxy for websites they access.

🚀 What We’re Talking About:

Google’s Proxy Thing in Chrome: Yep, Google’s mixing things up by adding a proxy right inside Chrome. Is this the future of browsing? Let’s find out.
Proxy vs. VPN: Heard of VPNs? Well, proxies are a bit different. We’ll break down what’s what and which you might wanna use.
DIY Proxy Server? Yes, Please: Google’s proxy sounds neat, but why not roll your own? I’ll show you how to set up a personal proxy, and it’s thanks to the awesome folks at Linode by Akamai.
Some Geeky Concerns: Is Google’s proxy all sunshine and rainbows? Eh, there might be some bumps. We’ll chat about that.
Setting Up Your Own Proxy Server: It’s easier than you think, and I’ll walk you through it step-by-step.

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
0:25 ⏩ What is a proxy?
2:26 ⏩ Google Proxies?!
6:20 ⏩ When will we see this?
7:45 ⏩ What you need to run YOUR own proxy
8:24 ⏩ We created a proxy server!
9:32 ⏩ Changing Ip Address location
11:27 ⏩ Process on Ubuntu
11:53 ⏩ Setting up Shadow socks

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