To write a C program to illustrate menu-driven Programming.


Step 1: Start the program.

Step 2: Read choice and num.

Step 3: Repeat till a valid choice.

Step 3a: if choice is 1

                      Check if num is Armstrong or not.

Step 3b: If choice is 2

                      Check if num is Palindrome or not.

Step 3c: If choice is 3

                      Check if num is Prime or not.

Step 4: Stop the program.

void main()
{ int choice,num,original,ans,r,i,flag; clrscr(); do { printf("n MENU"); printf("n 1.Check Armstrong or not"); printf("n 2.Check Palindrome or not"); printf("n 3.Check Prime or not"); printf("n 4.Exit"); printf("nEnter your choice:"); scanf("%d",&choice); printf("nEnter the number:"); scanf("%d",&#); original=num; switch(choice) { case 1: ans=0; while(num>0) { r=num%10; ans=ans+r*r*r; num=num/10; } if(ans==original) printf("%d is an armstrong number",original); else printf("%d is not an armstrong number",original); break; case 2: ans=0; while(num>0) { r=num%10; ans=ans*10+r; num=num/10; } if(ans==original) printf("%d is palindrome",original); else printf("%d is not palindrome",original); break; case 3: flag=0; for(i=2;i<num/2;i++) { if(num%i==0) { flag=1; break; } else continue; } if(flag==1) printf("%d is not a prime number",num); else printf("%d is a prime number",num); break; default: exit(0); } }while(1);



                    Thus the C program to illustrate menu-driven Programming is written and executed successfully.

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