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Should You Rewrite a Startup from Scratch?

While working at a startup, one may face the desire to completely rewrite its code. Such a situation may occur in the projects that have already released an MVP and received investments. They have successfully

Pros and Cons of Ruby on Rails

There are some things that never change but only get better with time. Well, this is what Ruby on Rails is. Truly, one of the classics. Some start-uppers like to choose hype languages and frameworks,

How Blockchain and AI Integration is Changing the Business

Artificial intelligence has fascinated the human imagination since the times this term started appearing in sci-fi books. Computer science is developing rapidly, and nowadays intelligent computers are no longer fiction — they are the reality.

Python Tools for Machine Learning

Machine learning is among the top and most prospective directions in the software development niche. The concept helps conveniently automate various work processes (including Big Data processing), enhance the precision of business predicting results, optimize

Types Of Software Testing

Software testing is the process of checking the workflow of an application in order to compare its expected behavior to its actual behavior. It’s an inseparable part of the development process that helps to prevent,

Using Cloud Storages With Rails Applications

Cloud computing is being increasingly frequently put to use for the deployment of software products. It gives organizations an opportunity to rapidly launch new solutions and develop them for the sake of satisfying their business

How NLP is transforming the news industry

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a trend of computer science aimed at training the computer to perceive and generate human language directly, without transforming it into computer algorithms. We have described the basic concepts and

How to develop a Telegram chatbot on Python

Technological progress and automation are starting to influence numerous spheres of human economy and everyday life. The rapid development of artificial intelligence imposes training computers to do the human work and implement their usage in