5 Rules to work with PM

5 Rules to work with PM | Sloboda studio

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Updated: 2/5/2021

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Today we would like to share with you 5 rules which will help you to effectively invest your time in your business growth leaving worries about your projects development and/or support to the outsource-company.

The secret of these simple rules lies in building the correct relationships with the person who will analyse and pass your requirements and wishes to the development team, coordinate their work and ensure high quality of the end-product. This person is a Project Manager (PM) of your outsource-company.

So, keep in mind or what’s better put somewhere at hand the following rules:

  1. Tell a PM what is the most comfortable way of communication for you, what type of information is the most common and easy to follow, how would you like to track the progress (report and/or demo, on what time basis and so on).
  2. Share all your dreams, plans and ideas for the project, even if it doesn’t refer to the development process directly and the next rule follows from #2.
  3. Even if you have a direct access to the development team let your new ideas and doubts go through PM-filter first, do not kick developers off the flow if it’s not urgent.
  4. Ensure support for a PM if he/she has to communicate with people from your side (in others words ensure timely responses to PM’s questions and requests).
  5. Share with PM an information about users’ feedback in post-release period.

Keep these simple rules in mind and you will be able to concentrate on business-goals of your current projects and ideas for future ones!


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