3 Fun Ways to Use the Dark Web

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Ever wondered how to host your own website on the Dark Web? In today’s in-depth guide, NetworkChuck demystifies the Dark Web and shows you how to go live with your own secure services! 🌐

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Video Highlights:
📦 PART I: Dark Web Essentials with OnionShare
-File Sharing: Learn how to securely share files through the Dark Web
-Chat: Create your own pop-up chat server for secure communications
-Website: Host a temporary website with OnionShare
🌐 PART II: Setting up a Long-Term Dark Web Website
-Nginx Setup: Deploy your website using Nginx with our ChatGPT-generated template files
-Install ToR: Get started with ToR and learn how to configure hidden services
-Custom Onion Domain: Generate your own vanity Onion v3 domains using mkp224o

Why Host on the Dark Web?
-Gain valuable skills in web hosting and secure communications
-Show off your expertise to potential employers with a Dark Web-hosted resume or portfolio
-Enjoy the thrill of setting up your own hidden services

What You’ll Need
For Part I: A system running Windows, Mac, or Linux
For Part II: A Linux system or a Raspberry Pi for a long-term Dark Web hosting

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⏱️ Timestamps

0:00 ⏩ Intro
1:45 ⏩ What is OnionShare?
5:25 ⏩ Setting up Nginx for Dark Web
8:15 ⏩ Configuring ToR Hidden Services
12:30 ⏩ Vanity Onion Domains with mkp224o

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